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“This cart is in nice condition but needs a good detailed clean. The front label has bubbling, scuffs and fading. The edging is poor. The back label is complete but very dirty, as is the spine label which also has bubbling. Please check the photos.”

Artist: Lou Reed
Type: Album
Format: 8-Track Cartridge
Record Label: RCA
Release Year: 1974
Release Title: Rock N Roll Animal
Era: 1970s
Case Type: Plastic
Label: Fair Condition
Case Condition: Good (G)
Genre: Rock
Colour: White

PLEASE NOTE: As this item has been obtained overseas, there is a possibility that the tape may have become loose from the spool in transit.
If you choose our service option, we would check this and correct the issue for you.
If you purchase directly and do not check the tape inside before playback, you will risk damaging the tape and no refund will be available.

All 8 tracks are pre-loved (used) and are sold “as is”.

We do offer a “service cart” option or you can add additional spare parts if you wish to service the cart yourself.

It is highly recommended that all 8 tracks have replacement pads, a new foil splice and internal cleaning done before use.

The foam pads inside are very old (over 40 years) and would have deteriorated, even if the cart is sealed and has never been used.

8tracks.uk can not be held responsible if the tape or player become damaged if this procedure is not carried out on your 8 track tape purchase.

Lou Reed’s Rock n Roll Animal is a live album that was released in 1974. It features Reed performing songs from his Velvet Underground days, as well as some of his solo material. The album was recorded at a concert in December 1973 at the Howard Stein’s Academy of Music in New York City.

The album has been widely regarded as one of Reed’s best works, and it’s easy to see why. The live performances are energetic, raw, and showcase Reed’s talents as both a guitarist and a vocalist. The band behind him is also impressive, featuring musicians such as Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner on guitar, Ray Colcord on keyboards, Prakash John on bass, and Pentti Glan on drums.

The album kicks off with a blistering version of “Sweet Jane,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Other highlights include “Heroin,” “White Light/White Heat,” and “Rock and Roll.” Reed’s vocals are particularly strong on “Heroin,” where he delivers a powerful and emotive performance.

One of the standout moments on the album is the guitar solo on “Intro/Sweet Jane,” which is a masterclass in rock guitar playing. Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner’s dual guitar work is simply stunning, and it’s no surprise that they later went on to work with Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, and many other artists.

Overall, Lou Reed’s Rock n Roll Animal is a must-listen for fans of classic rock and roll. The live performances capture the raw energy and excitement of a live concert, and the musicianship on display is simply top-notch. The album is a testament to Reed’s enduring influence on rock music, and it remains a classic of the genre to this day.

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