10 Sensing Foil Tabs (one strip of 10) For 8 Tracks


You will receive 10 tabs in this order. (One strip).

Be proactive and replace the sensing foil BEFORE you pop an old 8 track into the player.  7/32″ in width (slightly under 1/4″) , 3/4″ to 13/16″ length, cut at a 60 degree angle.  Comes in a protective sleeve to keep the tabs from peeling up before use.


As always, use REAL sensing foil.  Designed for audio applications.  Paper thin so that it will not get hung up at the capstan shaft.  A cheap and easy way to help avoid the tape getting eaten due to the old sensing foil splice breaking!

14 in stock

Service Cart

Cart Cleaned Inside, New Foam Pads, Foil Splice Replaced & Playback Check

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10 Sensing Foil Tabs (one strip of 10) For 1/4″ Tape

These amazing sensing foil tabs are perfect for rebuilding your 8 Track carts/tapes.

These are imported from Jon at 8TA and now in stock in the UK so you can get them as fast as you need rather than waiting weeks to arrive from overseas.


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