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Amazon Pay Has Arrived

Amazon Pay Has Arrived

Amazon Pay has arrived at giving you even more ways to purchase with our online store.

Click on the item you wish to purchase, you’ll see the “Amazon Pay” button.
Once pressed, you’ll be asked to log into your Amazon account and then you can securely purchase using your payment methods within the Amazon platform.

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Welcome To

Hello & Welcome to

We are an online store that specialises in pre-loved 8 track music carts.

8 tracks became popular in the mid 70s throughout the UK but disappeared quickly towards the latter part of the decade as cassettes started to dominate the tape market.

The love for 8 tracks in the UK is still felt by a loving vintage audio community, and recently, there has become a growth in the popularity of 8 track players and carts.

The music industry stopped producing 8 tracks in the UK by the end of the 70s, but in the USA, the popularity continued into the 80s.

Lots of outstanding albums available in the UK never made it to the 8 track community, but now, we import carts from the USA to fill that void.

As we order the carts in bulk, we can pass on the postage savings and make it more cost effective for you to purchase.

Blondie, Culture Club, Michael Jackson, Wham, Duran Duran and more, when availability permits, are now accessible to the 8 track community in the UK without having to pay high postage costs. In fact, within Mainland UK, we offer free postage and packing.

Don’t forget we also offer pre-loved carts that were available in the UK. Yes, sometimes the labels can look a little battered, but lets be honest, these carts are, at a minimum, over 40 years old.

The tape still plays great and we do offer a service where we replace the pads, metal splice and a playback check – a must really so that you do not damage your player. Most of the pads will now crumble if you touch them, and for a small fee, it is worth getting the cart serviced before we send it to you.

If you prefer to service the cart yourself, we also carry pads and splices in stock, thanks to Jon at 8 track avenue. This now means you can get the parts fast and with free postage. It really does save you money.

All our products are available on “Buy Now Pay Later” where you do not have to pay for 30 days or spread the cost over 3 months. This is all thanks to our partnership with Klarna. Conditions may apply and full details can be found by clicking the logo below. As expected, you can always pay by card, google pay or apple pay. We are adding more payment options all the time.

Stock is always being added to the store, we are still new, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

You can contact us via messaging on the website, visit our facebook page or email – we love to hear from you.

Happy 8-tracking!