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Condition: Good

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“This USA IMPORT cart is in good condition. The front label is complete. There is a small amount of bubbling. The spine is a little dirty from handling/use. The back label has some bubbling. The label is slightly dirty from handling/use. Please check out the photos.”

Artist: Blondie
Type: Album
Format: 8-Track Cartridge
Record Label: Chrysalis
Release Year: 1978
Release Title: Parallel Lines
Case Type: Plastic
Genre: Pop, Rock

PLEASE NOTE: As this item has been obtained overseas, there is a possibility that the tape may have become loose from the spool in transit.
If you choose our service option, we would check this and correct the issue for you.
If you purchase directly and do not check the tape inside before playback, you will risk damaging the tape and no refund will be available.

All 8 tracks are pre-loved (used) and are sold “as is”.

We do offer a “service cart” option or you can add additional spare parts if you wish to service the cart yourself.

It is highly recommended that all 8 tracks have replacement pads, a new foil splice and internal cleaning done before use.

The foam pads inside are very old (over 40 years) and would have deteriorated, even if the cart is sealed and has never been used. can not be held responsible if the tape or player become damaged if this procedure is not carried out on your 8 track tape purchase.

“Parallel Lines” is a masterful collection of songs that displays the band’s versatility and Debbie Harry’s captivating vocals. The album has the iconic hit single “Heart of Glass,” a perfect fusion of disco and punk elements that became a massive success and solidified Blondie’s place in music history.

The record also features other notable tracks such as “One Way or Another,” a feisty and catchy anthem, and “Hanging on the Telephone,” a fast-paced and infectious tune. “Sunday Girl” exudes a more pop-oriented sound with its catchy chorus and harmonies, while “Picture This” combines punk energy with melodic hooks.

The 8-track cartridge format, although considered outdated today, adds a nostalgic touch to the listening experience. It provides a unique way to enjoy the album as it transitions from one track to another, maintaining the flow intended by the artist.

“Parallel Lines” is not just a collection of singles but a cohesive body of work that reflects Blondie’s ability to craft memorable songs with depth. Tracks like “Fade Away and Radiate” and “I Know but I Don’t Know” demonstrate the band’s experimentation with different sounds and themes, showcasing their artistic growth.

Blondie’s “Parallel Lines” on 8-track cartridge is a must-listen for fans of new wave, punk, and pop music. Its timeless appeal and the band’s undeniable charisma make it an essential addition to any music collection. Whether you’re rediscovering this album or experiencing it for the first time, “Parallel Lines” remains a classic that continues to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and memorable melodies.


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