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“This USA IMPORT cart is in good condition The front label is complete with lots of bubbling, paper cracks and scuffs around the edges.The spine label is badly damaged. The back label is complete with some bubbling and stains from handling. Please Check The Photos.”

Artist: Ace Frehley, Kiss
Type: Album
Format: 8-Track Cartridge
Record Label: Casablanca Records
Release Year: 1978
Release Title: Ace Frehley
Genre: Rock

PLEASE NOTE: As this item has been obtained overseas, there is a possibility that the tape may have become loose from the spool in transit.
If you choose our service option, we would check this and correct the issue for you.
If you purchase directly and do not check the tape inside before playback, you will risk damaging the tape and no refund will be available.

All 8 tracks are pre-loved (used) and are sold “as is”.

We do offer a “service cart” option or you can add additional spare parts if you wish to service the cart yourself.

It is highly recommended that all 8 tracks have replacement pads, a new foil splice and internal cleaning done before use.

The foam pads inside are very old (over 40 years) and would have deteriorated, even if the cart is sealed and has never been used. can not be held responsible if the tape or player become damaged if this procedure is not carried out on your 8 track tape purchase.


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Service Cart

Cart Cleaned Inside, New Foam Pads, Foil Splice Replaced & Playback Check

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“Ace Frehley,” the 1978 self-titled solo album by KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, is a significant departure from the band’s iconic hard rock sound. Released during a period of creative exploration for each KISS member’s solo efforts, this album provides a unique glimpse into Frehley’s musical style and influences. Here’s a review of the album:

Diverse Musical Palette:
“Ace Frehley” showcases a variety of musical styles that set it apart from KISS’ collective sound. While the hard rock foundation is present, Frehley incorporates elements of rock ‘n’ roll, blues, and even some spacey psychedelia. This diversity allows Frehley to demonstrate his versatility as a musician and songwriter.

Guitar Virtuosity:
As KISS’s lead guitarist, Ace Frehley was known for his distinctive guitar playing, and this album gives him a platform to shine. His solos are a highlight, displaying his signature melodic and expressive style. Tracks like “Rip It Out” and “Snow Blind” feature impressive guitar work that stands out even among his KISS bandmates.

Vocals and Songwriting:
Frehley takes on lead vocal duties for most of the album, and his vocal style is characterized by a laid-back and raspy quality that suits the material well. His songwriting offers a personal touch, as he delves into topics like relationships (“Speedin’ Back to My Baby”) and his own struggles (“Ozone”). While the lyrics might not always be deeply profound, they give insight into Frehley’s mindset at the time.

Notable Tracks:
“New York Groove” is the standout hit from the album, a cover of the 1975 song by British glam rock band Hello. It perfectly captures Frehley’s attitude and energy, becoming one of his most recognizable solo tracks. “Rip It Out” and “Snow Blind” also showcase his guitar prowess and songwriting skills.

The album’s production is relatively straightforward and lacks the polished sheen of KISS’ albums. This gives the record a more raw and authentic feel, allowing Frehley’s individuality to shine through.

Connection to KISS:
While “Ace Frehley” is a solo album, it’s worth noting that his KISS bandmates each released their own solo albums around the same time. This unique creative endeavor showcased the individual talents of each member and allowed fans to hear their distinct musical influences.

The album’s success helped cement Ace Frehley’s status as a rock icon outside of KISS. It demonstrated that he could carry his own musical vision and be recognized as a solo artist.

“Ace Frehley” is a departure from KISS’ sound, offering fans a glimpse into the musical identity of the band’s lead guitarist. With its mix of rock styles, guitar virtuosity, and Frehley’s distinctive vocals, the album is a must-listen for KISS fans and anyone interested in exploring the individual creative contributions of band members within a legendary rock group. It remains a testament to Frehley’s influence on the rock genre and his ability to shine both within the context of KISS and as a solo artist.


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