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Condition: Good

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“This USA IMPORT cart is in good condition and the first time we have seen this amazing album on 8 track in the UK. All the labels are complete but have bubbling, on the front label this has caused a thin paper crack from top to bottom near the middle. Please check the photos.”

Artist: Phil Collins
Type: Album
Format: 8-Track Cartridge
Record Label: Atlantic Records
Year: 1981
Release Title: Face Value
Genre: Pop, Rock

PLEASE NOTE: As this item has been obtained overseas, there is a possibility that the tape may have become loose from the spool in transit.
If you choose our service option, we would check this and correct the issue for you.
If you purchase directly and do not check the tape inside before playback, you will risk damaging the tape and no refund will be available.

All 8 tracks are pre-loved (used) and are sold “as is”.

We do offer a “service cart” option or you can add additional spare parts if you wish to service the cart yourself.

It is highly recommended that all 8 tracks have replacement pads, a new foil splice and internal cleaning done before use.

The foam pads inside are very old (over 40 years) and would have deteriorated, even if the cart is sealed and has never been used. can not be held responsible if the tape or player become damaged if this procedure is not carried out on your 8 track tape purchase.


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Phil Collins’ debut solo album, Face Value, is a raw and honest exploration of heartbreak and loss. Released in 1981, the album was a critical and commercial success, spawning the hit singles “In the Air Tonight” and “I Don’t Care Anymore.”

The album is a departure from the more progressive rock sound of Collins’ previous band, Genesis. Instead, Face Value is a more personal and introspective album, with Collins writing and singing about his own experiences of divorce and infidelity.

The album opens with the haunting “In the Air Tonight,” a song about a near-death experience Collins had while driving in Los Angeles. The song is a powerful and atmospheric ballad, with Collins’ vocals soaring over the dramatic instrumentation.

Other highlights on the album include the soulful “I Don’t Care Anymore,” the upbeat “Behind the Lines,” and the emotional “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Collins also shows off his versatility as a songwriter with the funky “Thunder and Lightning” and the jazz-infused “The Roof Is Leaking.”

Face Value is a classic album that stands the test of time. Collins’ raw and honest songwriting is still relatable today, and the album’s production is still top-notch. If you’re a fan of pop music, rock music, or simply great songwriting, then Face Value is an essential album for your collection.


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